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Gravity GS WMB 01 EB - Display Guitar Wall holder for Electric Guitars

  • Unaufdringliche Konstruktion
  • Selbstjustierende Hals und Korpusstützen
  • Einstellbarer Neigungswinkel

Gravity KSX 2 W - Keyboard Stand X-Form, Double, White

  • Solide und langlebige Konstruktion
  • Ergonomische Handhabung
  • Verstärkte Verbindungsstellen
  • Austauschbare Farbringe
Item no.: ADHGKSX2W

König und Meyer K&M 18969 Keyboardständer für Kinder schwarz

X-Ständer mit kindgerechten Abmessungen bzw. niedriger Höhe und einfacher Handhabung
Item no.: 18969-071-55

Gravity KSX 2 - Keyboard Stand X-Form, Double

  • Product type: Keyboard stand
  • Material: steel
  • Surface: poweder-coated
  • Colour: black
  • Construction: X stand
Item no.: ADHGKSX2

König und Meyer K&M 18962 Keyboardständer schwarz

X-Ständer für Einsteiger
Item no.: 18962-071-55

König und Meyer K&M 18860 Keyboard stand »Spider Pro« - anodized aluminum

The Spider Pro is the further development of the Spider keyboard stand. The Spider Pro is equipped with a pair of
extendable support arms, as well as an additional pair of extendable support arms with a 15° tilt angle.
The Spider Pro can be fitted with additional support arms for a third keyboard. The Spider Pro also has a 3/8" or 5/8" threaded connection for attaching microphone booms. The tilt of the Spider Pro is greater than that of the Spider to allow easier playing when two keyboards are being used. On top of this, the Spider Pro also provides optimum leg movement thanks to the raised design of
its feet, continuously variable height adjustment and a special mechanism for collapsing the stand as well as easy carrying of
the stand in the bag, which is available as an optional extra.

Item no.: 18860-000-30

König und Meyer K&M 18963 Keyboard stand - black

Sturdy double brace X-Stand, securely holds large keyboards. Made from steel tubing.
Because of the unique height adjustment mechanism the stand always opens to the desired height and width

Item no.: 18963-071-55

König und Meyer K&M 18990 Keyboard stand »Rick« - black

Our best X stand - comfortable and extremely sturdy. The new design of the double brace stand tubes provides for perceptible stability and safety. The ergonomic clamping lever makes it easy to setup and collapse the keyboard stand. The robust metal joint is intermeshed in 5° steps and provides for a multitude of different positions.

The scale provides the user with the option to always select their preferred setting. Both of the back rubber end caps can be adjusted on their axis and as such can be adjusted perfectly to the width of the keyboard. The maximum depth is 350 mm.

The typical K and M quality characteristics such as solid workmanship, high quality powder coating and a useful adjustable end cap for uneven surfaces complete the overall concept and design. The stand can be expanded for a second keyboard with the 18941 stacker.

Item no.: 18990-015-55

Gravity GS 01 NHB - Foldable Guitar Stand with Neck Hug

Der GS 01 NHB ist ein stabiler und dabei eleganter Gitarrenständer für akustisch, elektrische und Bass-Gitarren. Er lässt sich in der Höhe bis 108 cm verstellen und ist zusammenklappbar. Der clevere "Neck Hug"-Mechanismus sichert die Gitarre selbsttätig in der Halsgabel gegen Herausrutschen und öffnet sich automatisch, wenn das Instrument vom Stativ gehoben wird. Die weiche Polsterung schützt vor Verkratzung und greift den Lack nicht an.

Item no.: ADHGGS01NHB

Gravity KSX 1 - Keyboard Stand X-Form, Single

The KSX 1 is a hardwearing single brace X-style keyboard stand with 55 kg load capacity. A quick release clamping lever provides easy adjustment with a maximum height of 90 cm. The powder coated steel construction features reinforced joints for superior durability and long lasting non-slip end caps.
Item no.: ADHGKSX1

Gravity VARI-G 3 - Guitar Rack for 3 Instruments

  • Straightforward, rock solid construction
  • Folds up flat for transport and storage
  • Adjustable yokes with rubber padding
  • Foam-covered body supports
  • For all acoustic, electric and bass guitars
Item no.: ADHGGSMG03

Gravity VARI-G 7 - Guitar Rack for 7 Instruments

  • Straightforward, rock solid construction
  • Folds up flat for transport and storage
  • Adjustable yokes with rubber padding
  • Foam-covered body supports
  • For all acoustic, electric and bass guitars
Item no.: ADHGGSMG07

König und Meyer K&M 17685 Gitarrenständer »Memphis 20« schwarz

Zusammenlegbarer Gitarrenständer zum Abstellen von Gitarren aller Art
Item no.: 17685-000-55

König und Meyer K&M 18020 Oboeständer schwarz

Oboenständer mit weltweitbewährte 4-Fuß Unterteil aus stabilen Zinkdruckgussfüßen
Item no.: 18020-000-55

König und Meyer K&M 18810 Keyboard-Tisch »Omega« schwarz

Stabiler Keyboardtisch mit kompakter Stahlrohrkonstruktion und die großen runden Parkettschonern
Item no.: 18810-000-55
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