The Infinity Intelligent Light series was made by professionals for professionals. Its high-end moving heads offer all which a lighting designer’s heart desires. The high-torque motors are faster-than-ever and turn every light show into a sight for sore eyes. They also come with an inbuilt battery which allows you to adjust and change settings without having to connect the moving head to the main power. Integrated are also Powercon connections and a colour display with motion sensor. Compact housing makes them very robust and therefore suitable for on road usage.

In 2018, Infinity’s new Signature Series was introduced on international trade fairs such as ISE Amsterdam and Prolight + Sound Frankfurt. It was created as collaboration between Highlite and Robert Juliat, a world renowned manufacturer of event spotlights. For many years now his products have found use in well-known museums (The Louvre – Paris), tourist attractions (Walt Disney World – USA) and many more locations. Hence, it is not surprising that 3 unique spotlights have been developed which are sure to set new standards in the world of theatre. The combination of the newest LED software and already familiar handling ensures that the Signature Series can perfectly illuminate theatres, churches, studios and schools.

Both the moving heads and Signature Series are available at our shop. The moving heads are true all-rounders and hence very popular with our customers. But also because of the amazing price/performance ratio we are able to recommend the Infinity Intelligent Light series to all event technicians!