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Wireless DMX Upgrade for iW-1915 Pixel

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The Wireless DMX Upgrade set contains:
* W-DMX receiver PCB
* antenna cable
* connection cable
* 2,4GHz Omni antenna
* mounting materials

NOTE: to prevent voiding the warranty, this upgrade must be executed by an authorized distributor

The Wireless DMX Upgrade for iW-1915 Pixel is an upgrade set which includes all the necessary components for receiving wireless DMX in a 2,4GHz band, compatible with our Wireless Solutions DMX Transmitters.
The receiver must be linked and unlinked by the transmitter in order to communicate. It is possible to link multiple receivers to one transmitter.
The presence of the wireless communication is indicated by the blinking data symbol in the display.

In order to prevent damage to the antenna connector, it is recommended to detach the antenna before placing the moving head onto a flat surface.

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