Haze Machine / Hazer

ADJ Ameridan Entour Faze

Item no.: 1411100030

EUROLITE NH-110 Tour Hazer

Item no.: 51701989

Showtec Mistique

  • Very even and thin haze ensures no visible cloudy effect on stage
  • Customizable output direction gives extra flexibility
  • Extreme silent operation due to CO2supply
  • Output and fan speed remote controllable by DMX and W-DMX
  • Fast and easy setup with Q-lock CO2 hose system
Item no.: 60769

ADJ American DJ Entour Faze Jr

  • 200W Faze Machine 
  • Rapid Heater Technology - ready to use in 70 seconds
  • Uses standard water based fog fluid
  • Fluid Consumption: 2.2 ml. per min.
Item no.: 1411100031

ADJ American DJ Entour Venue

    ? 1500W mobile DMX Faze Machine

    ? 3 DMX Channel Modes; 1/2/4

    ? LCD Function Display with built-in remote with Fog Timer, Continuous Fogging, & Manual Fogging

    ? Warm-up time: 45 Seconds

Item no.: 1411100020

ADJ American DJ Entourage

The ADJ Entourage is a professional grade touring Faze Machine built into a durable flight case. This pro Fazer offers a very quick warm-up time and produces a massive amount of atmosphere.  The Entourage features an easy to read LED function display with fog timer, continuous fog and manual fog options. Connections include 3-pin and 5-pin DMX and PowerCon AC input. Uses high quality water based fog fluid.

Item no.: 1411100019

Antari DNG-100 Fogcooler - Converts normal fog to a cloud of white fog

  • Converts normal fog to a cloud of white fog
Item no.: 60601

Antari F-1 - 700W Pro Fazer

  • Large tube diameter
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Neutrik Powercon
  • 3 & 5P DMX connections
Item no.: 60761

Antari F-1 - 700W Pro Fazer W-DMX

  • On board WDMX Sweden
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Neutrik Powercon
  • 3 & 5P DMX connections
Item no.: 60762

Showtec Antari F-5D - 850W Pro Fazer W-DMX

  • 200% more output than F-3
  • Built-in Wireless DMX receiver
  • Bigger tubes reduces risk of heater clogging
  • More quiet than the F-3
Item no.: 60630

Antari HZ-350 - Pro Hazer

  • Compact design
  • Powerful output
  • True Haze effect
  • Very Low Powerconsumption
  • DMX Control
  • Bright LCD display
  • Silent operation
Item no.: 60621

Antari HZ-400 - Pro Hazer

  • Pro Hazer
Item no.: 60662

Antari HZ-500 - Pro Hazer

  • Roadproof design
  • Including Flightcase
  • Works with hazer liquid
  • DMX Control
  • Direct operation
  • Low fluid consumption
Item no.: 60622

Antari S-120 Foam Machine -

Item no.: 80364

Antari Z-350 - 800W Pro Fazer

  • 3 ml / min (100% Output)
  • DMX & stand-alone control
  • self-cleaning function
  • Non-stop haze at max output
Item no.: 60760
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