Ground Supports / Stages

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Ground Supports / Stages

Ground supports and stages are a very broad and versatile topic. These kinds of truss systems are most commonly used during big events.

The former describes truss constructions without a roof which are often designed for inside events. There they are used as scaffolding, which lighting special effect machines can be fastened to. During outdoor events however these systems are used to erect truss-towers to which LED screens can be attached. Thanks to this it can be ensured that during e.g. concerts even visitors sitting/standing further back will be able to see the happenings on stage.

The stage, on the other hand, is always at the centre of attention. To protect valuable electronics from rain, ground supports can be turned into stages by installing roofing systems. Here Prolyte offers many different stage models with pitched or circular roofs. Examples for this are their MPT Roofs, ST Roofs, XXL Roofs or Space Roofs.

Available at our shop are also roof or side tarpaulins which make a stage weatherproof. We also offer curtains and drop systems to create an impressive unveiling.

Because safety should always come first, please ensure that you always consult a structural engineer and have all the necessary rigging equipment at hand. You should also be aware that it is sometimes unavoidable to secure constructions via additional ballast like IBC containers or steel and concrete elements.