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An important part of electro music is the groovebox. This device enables you to create unique musical sequences and edit them in real time.

It consists of at least one of these sound sources: a drum machine, a synthesizer or a sampler. A sampler is able to play pre-recorded sounds in different pitches. A synthesizer on the other hand is a kind of electronic instrument which creates sound via sound synthesis. A drum machine has been developed to imitate the distinctive sound of percussion instruments, such as drums.

Another essential part is the sequencer. In contrast to a synthesizer, the sequencer makes it possible to control virtual instruments over a computer software. It also differentiates between the different pitches of a track.

Grooveboxes have become very popular in the last couple of years. This has had the effect that many bands, independent of their genre, integrated them into their live-performances. Their steady built and small size also makes them suited perfectly for being on the road.