In line with their motto “Stand your Ground”, Gravity has managed to firmly establish itself on the market for event technology just a few years after their founding in 2015. They supply all kinds of stands and accessories for stage and studio use.

The stands are made of high-quality materials such as thick-walled precision tubing, die-cast zinc and double injection moulded thermoplastics which ensure their product’s durability and reliability. Equipped with soft-touch elements, their handling becomes child’s play.

 Unique to Gravity stands are the so-called G-rings. They are available in a large variety of vibrant colours. They can be used to indicate the stand’s position on stage or to show which artist is using which stand. These eye-catchers are also ideal to match their colouring to the stage decorations.

Thanks to their innovative design, the brand Gravity has won quite a few design awards. This list includes the Design Award 2016, the German Design Award 2017 and the Red Dot Award 2018.