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Fog Machines & Accessories

Fog, mist, foam or bubbles, we offer a great range of special effects!

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a club without a fog machine; they have become part of the clubbing experience. These machines produce fog of medium to very high density and are used to accentuate the rhythm of the music. For a short period of time, everyone and everything vanishes behind a smokescreen and the individual becomes one with the beat. To make these machines even more impressive your can add various aromatic substances to the fog fluid. Whether sweet or fruity, this is a great way to scent your event.

Hazers on the other hand are especially designed to emit a fine fog with low density. This is used to create unique lighting effects. As soon as colourful light hits these mist particles they seem to come alive in that colour.

Are you searching for something that makes your theme party or theatre play look even more realistic? Then you should try out our foam/snow machines! Depending on the density of the foam it can also be used as authentic snow. So there is nothing stopping you from having a foam party in the summer and an Après Ski one in winter.

To give your party this little extra something, we also offer bubble machines. Illuminated by the sun, the bubbles seem to be covered in the colours of the rainbow. Especially your younger guests will love this special effect.

These machines can be controlled by remote control or DMX. They need to be filled with fluids custom made for these devices.