Eurolite was first introduced in 1991. Its success was immediate and today there are over 2000 Eurolite products available. Even though most of them have very diverse features, there are two things which they all have in common: high-quality workmanship and amazing prices. It is therefore not surprising that during the production process Eurolite strongly identifies with the motto “quality over quantity”.

They are also always looking to innovate and improve their products. Regularly, they invent lighting technology which the industry has never before seen! One of their inventions for example, is the patented mirror ball motor which is leading in its line of business. They are also especially proud of their series of compact light sets (KLS). Unlike the traditional PAR cans, these spots possess slim LED spotlights.

But as always, safety comes first. Since 1998, all Eurolite products undergo a very strict, voluntary quality control. In the same year, they also started working together with the TÜV and other monitoring agencies.

You can always rely on Eurolite devices to do their jobs well. For these reasons, we offer a wide array of their products in our shop. Only here you will find the best prices for LED bars, moving heads, LED spots, PAR spotlights and many more!