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Nova Elite Line Array - komplett Pa System Top Zustand

Nova complete System - less used.

8x EL15
7x E18 Sub
2x DXP2300
2x DXP3600
1x EV DC-One
2x EC1
1x Rack for amping and controller with cables

Item no.: 5309

Expression 8000 Q4 Zoom

The Expression 8000 Q4 is the latest addition in the ever-growing and successful Expression series. The Expression 8000 Q4 offers a 4-in-1 LED Technology (Red, Green, Blue, White) combined with an extended and smooth zoom of 15 to 45 degrees.
It brings a 6860+ Lumens and a 2285+ Lux @ 5 meter. The big and bright LCD lets you easily navigate through the fixtures menu and lets you setup your Expression within a short time.
Item no.: 41358D

Showtecnesis 12 HMI-575

The Genesis XII HMI-575 is the big brother of the Genesis XII MSD.
It bears the same features but is equipped with the much more powerful and cost-effective HMI-575 lamp source.
Due to the use of this lamp the Genesis XII HMI-575 has an enormous light-output and will fit in any venue.
Item no.: 40156D
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