Decoration Lightings

Showtec Illumilift RGBW Turbo

  • 16 bit position control
  • Interchangeable led spheres
  • Lifting speed control
  • Operation safety channel
Item no.: 41166
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Decoration Lightings

Lighting elements brighten up the atmosphere of every event. Once it gets dark and the location lights up in many different colours, your guests are sure to enjoy the party even more. If you don?t want to invest in expensive equipment then our decoration lightings will offer you a great alternative.

Our architectural decoration lighting and LED outdoor spotlight are best suited to decorate the outside of your venue. They succeed in chasing away the dark of the night and establish a relaxed ambience.

Other, even simpler ways to decorate the interior, are our light tubes and LED pipes and stripes. You just have to roll them out and adhere to different kinds of surfaces. They are most often used as background lighting for furniture or to decorate the outside of houses during the Christmas time. Fitting that time of the year, we also offer a great range of fairy lights.

If you want to add a special something to your party then have a look at our UV lights. Whether you buy a simple pipe or a more complex device, your guests are sure to love them.

If you haven?t found the right product for you yet, then have a look at our LED and indoor decorations lighting. Here you will find lots of unique decoration elements which will be the eye-catcher at every party.