DMX Controllers

Showtec LED Operator Touch

The LED Operator Touch is a new compact controller dedicated for architainment solutions. It can control up to 8 groups of RGBW fixtures. Programming is very easy by the touch sensitive buttons. A clear LCD display guides you easily to the menu and shows you all functions. The LED Operator can store 120 scenes and 16 chases (4 scenes on 30 banks, 4 chases on 4 banks)
Programms can run by automatic mode (fade and speed time can be set) either by sound.
Item no.: 50724

EUROLITE DMX LED Color Chief Controller

Item no.: 70064575

EUROLITE DMX LED Operator 6 Controller

  • Fade and speed of the chases can be adjusted separately
  • Strobe function with adjustable speed
  • Blackout-Funktion
  • Desktop console
Item no.: 70064506

Cameo CONTROL 6 - 6-Channel DMX Controller


  • Number of DMX channels: 6
  • DMX output: 3-pole XLR, female
  • Controls: 6x channel faders, master dimmer
  • Indicators: Power LED
  • Power supply: External power adapter, 9V block battery




EUROLITE DMX Commander 24/48 Controller

  • Comfortable DMX controller, with RDM functions
  • 48 control channels
  • 24 faders, 2 pages
  • RDM functions
Item no.: 70064550

EUROLITE DMX Scene Setter 24/48

  • Comfortable DMX controller
  • 48 control channels
  • 96 memorizable programs via 4 pages
  • 24 scenes can be called directly via the faders
Item no.: 70064545

Showtec LED Operator 6 -

  • Up to 6 zones
  • RGBWA-UV control
  • color preset buttons
  • Easy to use
Item no.: 50728


Item no.: 70064574

ADJ American DJ DMX Operator 384

The DMX Operator 384 is a 19-inch rack mount controller that controls both DMX and Midi. it will control up to 384 channels of DMX, and it features 30 programmable scene banks (240 total programmable scenes), 12 programmable chases and an assignable joystick.

Item no.: 1322000051

ADJ DMX Operator1

Reliable DMX Controller with 12 individual fixture channels to controll up to 192 DMX channels

Item no.: 1322000046


The HEXCON is a 36-channel DMX controller that was specifically designed for our ?HEX Series? products. Up to 6, RGBAW+UV, LED fixtures or fixture groups can independently be controlled via six fixture buttons. All ADJ HEX series fixtures or fixture groups must be set to run in DMX mode and be addressed at channels 1, 7, 13, 19, 25 and 31 to access independent fixture control. The HEXCON control panel includes 24 direct access pre-programmed color macro buttons, 6 user programmable color preset buttons which come factory set to control Red, Green, Blue White, Amber and UV, 6 multi-function channel faders which are used to control individual color intensity, Chase program ?Speed?, Chase program ?Fade?, Master Dimmer and Strobe speed. There is an array of 8 ?Function? buttons which are used to select the controllers operation mode, including Color Fade, Color Macro, Auto, Chases, Manual, Sound, Strobe, Presets and Blackout modes. A USB port is also conveniently included so most phones or tablets can be connected and charged. The HEXCON is one of the simplest and most versatile LED controllers available today. It?s ideal for D.J.?s, nightclubs, lounges, bars or for anyone that wants to get the most out of their HEX series LED products.

Item no.: 1321000077

ADJ Scene Setter 24

- 24 DMX channels
- 48 chases or scenes
- Runs 12 chases simultaneously
- Fader & flash button per channel
- Separate speed & fade time control
- A / B scene master faster
- GO button and TAP SYNC

Item no.: 1322000048

Cameo CONTROL 54 - 54-Channel DMX Controller

  • 54-Kanal DMX-Controller
  • Für maximal 9 Scheinwerfer oder Scheinwerfer-Gruppen
  • Geeignet für alle RGB, RGBW, RGBWA and RGBWA+UV Scheinwerfer
  • 6 leichtgängige Fader zur Mischung von rot, grün, blau, weiß, amber und UV

EUROLITE DMX LED Operator 4 Controller

  • Compact DMX controller for easy application
  • 50 control channels only suitable for matching LED effects
  • 4 LED parcans can be controlled individually
  • Select color mode for choosing single colors
Item no.: 70064504

EUROLITE DMX Move Controller 512

  • DMX controller with FX generator for RGBW light effect units
  • DMX controller for DMX light effect units such as moving heads, scanners and LED spot lights with RGBW color mixture
  • 512 DMX channels can be assigned and inverted as desired to 32 control channels (softpatch)
  • USB port for storing program data
Item no.: 70064515
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