Numark Party Mix with LED lightshow and Serato DJ Lite

  • Party DJ Control System
  • Built-in light show creates party atmosphere
  • Simple plug and play
  • Sudio outputs for your speakers and headphone preview
Item no.: N103673

Dap Audio CORE Kontrol D1 - 2 Deck Midi Controller with audio interface

  • Filter function in mixer section
  • 4 sample buttons with volume control
  • Microphone input
  • 4 channel sound card
Item no.: D1265

Pioneer DDJ-SX3

  • Extensive vocal features
  • Double USB port
  • Professional connection options
  • Performance Pads
  • Latency low jog wheels
  • Expansion packs included
Item no.: DDJ-SX3

Denon DJ MC4000 - DJ Controller

  • Premium 2-Deck controller for Serato
  • Includes Serato DJ Intro
  • Touch-activated jog wheels
  • Long-throw 100mm pitch faders
Item no.: DN103170

Denon DJ Prime 4 DJ System

  • Robust 6-inch metal jog wheel with central HD display
  • (4) assignable input channels for external media sources
  • (2) dedicated XLR inputs for microphones with their own controls
  • StagelinQ connection for Event / Pro DJ lighting and video control
  • Item no.: DN106368

    Numark Mixtrack Platinum

    • Dual 5-inch metal platters w/Numark-exclusive touch-capacitance response
    • 4-deck capability
    • Dedicated gain and filter knobs for each channel
    • Independent transport controls
    • 24-bit audio output?ready to go out of the box
    Item no.: N104542


  • Built-in sound-reactive light show creates party atmosphere
  • DJ Control System to mix tracks and create effects
  • Rechargeable battery delivers hours of all-day fun
  • Pads to loop music and trigger sample playback
  • Item no.: N105750

    Pioneer 2 Channel DJ Rekordbox Controller

    • DDJ-800
    • AC adapter
    • Power cable
    • USB cable
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Specifications
    Item no.: DDJ-800

    Akai AMX

    Put hands-on control at the center of your Serato DJ setup with AMX, a versatile 2-channel mixing surface from Akai Professional. A powerful controller for any performer, AMX controls 2 decks of Serato DJ with an intuitive array of faders, touch-activated knobs, and buttons. Featuring a curve-adjustable mini innoFADER? crossfader, dedicated line faders, and control signal inputs, AMX can interface Serato DJ with turntables using Serato NoiseMap (DVS) or HID players over a single USB cable. Built-in headphone and master outputs integrate into any booth or tabletop setup, bringing the trusted Akai Professional hardware experience to stages and studios all over the world.

    Item no.: AK102832

    Akai Perfomence Controller

  • Plug-und-Play Integration mit FL Studio
  • Schnelle Eingabe von Pattern in die Zeitleiste des Step-Sequenzers
  • 4x16 Matrix mit anschlagdynamischen RGB Pads
  • Aufnahme von Noten im Performance Modus
  • Grafisches OLED Display
  • Item no.: AK106101

    Denon DJ MC7000 Digital Mixer & Controller inkl. Software

    • 4-channel DJ controller with digital mixer
    • Dual USB audio interfaces?connect 2 computers at once
    • 3 Serato Expansion Packs Included
    • 16 velocity-sensitive performance pads
    Item no.: DN104632

    Numark DJ2Go2

    • Portable two-channel DJ controller for Serato DJ Intro (included)
    • Control the music with play, jog wheels and fader
    • Built-in audio card with headphone cueing to create the perfect mix
    • Song navigation and channel and master gain control
    Item no.: N105085

    Numark Mixtrack 3

    • Dedicated Filter knobs for each channel
    • Multi-function Touch strip for dynamic FX control and Strip Search
    • 16 multi-function performance pads
    • All-new high resolution metal jog wheels
    Item no.: N103183

    Numark Mixtrack 3

  • Dedicated Filter knobs for each channel
  • Multi-function Touch strip for dynamic FX control and Strip Search
  • 16 multi-function performance pads
  • All-new high resolution metal jog wheels
  • Item no.: N103183D

    Numark MIXTRACK PRO III / 3

  • All-new 5-inch high resolution metal jog wheels
  • Dedicated filter knobs for each channel
  • Multi-function Touch Strip for dynamic FX control and Track Search
  • 100mm pitch sliders for fine pitch adjustments
  • Item no.: N103184
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    DJ Hardware / Controller

    For some time now the DJ world has been subject to change. Nowadays a lot of DJs turn to digital audio medias such as MP3 and AAC instead of the traditional vinyl or CDs. A lot of mixers however still work with analogue signals and don't support MP3. It is therefore necessary to find alternatives. This is where the DJ software comes in. Installed on a laptop, they can be controlled via your mouse and keyboard. This is however can turn out to be very difficult due to some songs? fast paced rhythm. Hence you should consider purchasing a controller.

    Known as MIDI (?Musical Instrument Digital Interface?) devices, a controller?s control elements take up the same functions as a laptops keyboard. The 2-deck controllers have 4 main tasks: navigating through playlists, playing songs (fast-forwarding or rewinding), mixing songs (if a mixer interface is available) and, last but not least, the effect control (e.g. scratching via the jogwheels).

    Controllers, who possess a sound board, can turn digital signals into electrical ones and be connected to PA systems. In this case you, theoretically, don?t have to use a mixer altogether. Some controllers are also able to be put into a standalone modus which makes the device independent of the DJ software.