DJ Effects

Alesis SamplePad Pro

  • 8 dual zone isolated rubber pads
  • Active blue LED pad illumination
  • 2 additional drum pad inputs
  • Kick Pedal input; selectable switch or trigger mode
  • Hi-Hat pedal input; selectable switch or variable mode
Item no.: AL102346

Akai MPK261

  • 61 semi-weighted, full-size keys with aftertouch
  • 16 RGB-illuminated MPC-style pads
  • 24 assignable Q-Link controllers
  • USB-MIDI with 5-pin MIDI input and output


Item no.: AK102341

Dap Audio CORE Kontrol D1 - 2 Deck Midi Controller with audio interface

  • Filter function in mixer section
  • 4 sample buttons with volume control
  • Microphone input
  • 4 channel sound card
Item no.: D1265

Akai APC Key25

  • Ableton Live controller with built-in performance keyboard
  • Seamlessly integrates 1 to 1 with Ableton Live
  • Clip-launch matrix with tri-color lighting displays current clip status
  • 25 synth-action mini keys
Item no.: AK102421

Akai APC mini

  • Ultra-portable all-in-one Ableton Live controller
  • Seamlessly integrates 1 to 1 with Ableton Live
  • 8x8 clip matrix with tri-color lighting displays current clip status
  • 8 assignable faders + 1 master fader
Item no.: AK102422

Akai MPD226

  • 16 Thick Fat RGB illuminated velocity and MPC pads
  • 64 assignable pads accessible via 4 banks
  • 4 assignable faders, Q-Link knobs, Q-Link buttons
  • 36 assignable controls accessible via 3 banks
    Item no.: AK103355

    Alesis V49 Keyboard Controller

    • 49 full-sized, square-front keys
    • 8 velocity- and pressure-sensitive backlit pads
    • 4 assignable knobs and 4 assignable buttons interface
    • Octave Up and Down buttons let you access the full keyboard range
    Item no.: AL102354

    Alesis VI25 Keyboard Controller

    • 25 full-sized, square-front, semi-weighted keys with aftertouch
    • 16 velocity-sensitive trigger pads
    • with illuminated RGB feedback for beat production and clip launching
    • 24 assignable buttons and 8 assignable knobs interface
    Item no.: AL102350

    Alesis VI49 Keyboard controller

    • 61 full-sized, square-front, semi-weighted keys with aftertouch
    • 16 velocity-sensitive trigger pads with illuminated RGB feedback
    • 48 assignable buttons and 16 assignable knobs interface
    • Pitch and modulation wheels deliver expressive, creative control
    Item no.: AL102352

    Pioneer RMX-1000

    • Controller for VST/AU/RTAS
    • Scene FX
    • Isolator FX
    • X-Pad with Pitch control
    Item no.: RMX-1000

    Akai MPX16

    • Record and play back stereo .
    • WAV samples using any SD card (sold separately)
    • 16 velocity-sensitive MPC-style backlit pads
    • Filter, tune, envelope, and choke grouping
    • Pro-quality sampling and playback
    Item no.: AK102424

    M-Audio OXYGEN 61 MK4

     The Oxygen Series

    M-Audio pioneered the portable MIDI controller market with the Oxygen series of keyboard controllers. Today, M-Audio continues to be a leader of this technology by developing intuitive controllers for software-based music production and performance. Thanks to continued innovation over the course of nearly a decade, the new Oxygen series controllers offer more control, deep hardware/software integration, and come equipped with a reliable build that enables you to make music on the go or implement these controllers into any studio.
    Streamlined Control

    With an array of assignable knobs, pads, and faders, Oxygen 61 gives you total control over your software, allowing you to stay engaged in the creative flow of recording and mixing music without ever reaching for the mouse. It features 61 velocity-sensitive keys for playing chords, bass lines, and melodies; eight assignable knobs for tweaking effect plugins and virtual instruments; eight velocity-sensitive pads for triggering samples or finger drumming; and nine assignable faders for mixing tracks together and controlling the master output. Oxygen 61 also has dedicated transport controls and track-up and -down buttons that allow you to initiate play, stop, and record in the DAW environment right from your keyboard controller.
    Use Your Favorite DAW

    The Oxygen 61 MIDI controller offers out-of-the-box integration with popular DAWs including Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, and many more. Using DirectLink, Oxygen 61's controls instantly map to key parameters in your favorite DAW, enabling you to immediately tweak the mixers, editors, and transport windows. Additionally, Oxygen 61 has built-in customizable mapping presets that quickly interface Oxygen 61 with your favorite effect plugins and virtual instruments. Setting up a MIDI controller with your software doesn?t get any easier than this.

    Item no.: MA102435

    LPK25 V2

    • USB-MIDI controller works with virtually all audio software
    • 25 velocity-sensitive mini-keyboard keys
    • Arpeggiator, sustain button,
    • octave up and down, and tap tempo controls
    • Plug-and-play USB connection for Mac and PC
    Item no.: AK100326

    Akai MidiMix

    • Midi mixer to control virtually any DAW
    • 8 individual line faders, 1 master fader
    • 24 knobs, arranged 3 per channel
    • 1 to 1 mapping with Ableton Live
    Item no.: AK103306

    Akai MPD218

    • 16 Thick Fat backlit MPC pads
    • 48 assignable pads accessible via 3 banks
    • 18 assignable 360-dgree potentiometers accessible via 3 banks
    • MPC Note Repeat and Full Level
    Item no.: AK103356
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    DJ Effects

    With our DJ Effects you can create unique sound effects. Whether live performance or studio recording, you are guaranteed to get the perfect sound. Well liked are our controllers in the form of keyboards. A computer software (DAW) either assigns different functions to the keys automatically or you can do it manually. This makes it possible to use the keyboard in order to play different kinds of instruments. Other amazing eye-catchers are the touch and pressure sensitive pads which are decorated in colourful lights. 

    Many of our products already have the necessary software included. So there?s nothing holding you back from starting to produce your own music.