Gravity LTS 01 B - Verstellbarer Ständer für Laptops und Controller

  • Product type: stands and tripods
  • Type: laptop stand
  • Material: aluminum
  • Surface: powder-coated
  • Color: Black
  • Item no.: ADHGLTS01B

    Dap Audio Foldable laptop stand

    • Foldable
    • Compact
    • Lightweight
    Item no.: D8376

    Dap Audio Universal case 2ch dj controll - Universalkoffer für 2 Channel DJ Controller

    Universal case for 2 channel DJ Controller
    Item no.: D7467

    Magma DJ-Controller Workstation DDJ-1000

    • Außenmaße: 79,5 x 49 x 21,5 cm
    • Innenmaße: 70,7 x 35,4 x 5,1 cm (Controller Fach)
    • Gewicht: 13,5 kg
    • Color: black/silver
    Item no.: MG40988

    Magma DJ-Controller Workstation für Denon MC-7000

    • Außenmaße: 77,5 x 56 x 22 cm
    • Innenmaße: 67 x 39 x 6 cm (Controller-Fach)
    • Gewicht: 13,9kg
    • Farbe: schwarz/silber
    Item no.: MG40980

    Magma DJ-Controller Workstation NV

    • Außenmaße: 66 x 45,5 x 20 cm
    • Innenmaße: 55 x 32 x 3  cm (Controller-Fach)
    • Gewicht: 8,7 kg
    • Farbe: schwarz/silber
    Item no.: MG40970

    ROADINGER CD Player Carrying Case, black, type 2

    DJ flightcase for tabletop DJ CD players

    • Removable front plate for front-loading CD players
    • Removable cover
    • Interior upholstered with foam (black)
    • High-quality workmanship with plywood multilayered glued, black laminated
    • Aluminum profile frames (30 mm) with rounded edges
    • Three-leg, medium-sized steel ball corners
    • 2 high-quality butterfly locks
    • Padded carrying handles
    • Adaptor strips for fitting CD players
    Item no.: 30124830

    Dap Audio 10' Mixer case - 10 Zoll 7 kg

    10 Mixer case;10 Mixer case
    Item no.: D7575

    Dap Audio 12' Mixer case - 12 Zoll 850 kg

    12 Mixer case;12 Mixer case
    Item no.: D7574

    Dap Audio 19' Mixer case 9U with shelf - 19 Zoll mit Ablagebrett 1150 kg

    19 Mixer case 9U with shelf;19 Mixer case 9U with shelf
    Item no.: D7576

    Dap Audio Case for 19' CD-player 3U - Schwarz

    • Black
    Item no.: D7317B

    Dap Audio Case for Pioneer CDJ-player - Modelle CDJ-800/850/900/1000/2000

    Case for Pioneer CDJ-player
    Item no.: D7569

    Dap Audio Case for Pioneer DJM-mixer - Modelle 600/700/800

    Case for Pioneer DJM-mixer
    Item no.: D7567

    Dap Audio DJ Case for Pioneer - DJ-Case für Pioneer Small-Set

    • Small Set
    Item no.: D7566

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