Couplers, Clamps, Clips, etc.

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Couplers, Clamps, Clips, etc.

Not only the construction of truss towers and ground supports is important. No, you should also take into account how to fasten moving heads and spotlights to them.

This is where couplers come in. The selflock hooks, which are a combination of a c-clamp and halfcoupler, make the process easier and faster than ever before. Due to them closing around a tube automatically, it is already being secured even if the screws haven?t been fastened yet. This means that only one person is able to assemble it.

The swivel couplers are also used in combination with truss. They, however, are used to connect two tubes together, instead of lighting technology. By being able to rotate they even out any unevenness between the two truss elements and are able to adjust to different angles.

Our couplers are available in different sizes so that they can accommodate tubes from 28mm-63mm. They are furthermore able to carry loads up to 250kg.

Our clamps, couplers and clips are of course TÜV type tested.

 48-51mmelastung B250 kg