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Compact Sound Reinforcement Systems


Compact sound reinforcement systems

Our compact sound reinforcement systems make it easy for you to find the perfect speakers, for the right use of PA systems is essential in order to put on a successful event.

All of our speakers are either active or passive. With the passive ones it is important to know that an amplifier is needed to play music. The active speaker on the other hand has a preinstalled amp already included. 

Available at our shops are all kinds of different speakers: from small to large, from column speakers to ones with castors. In order to cover a bigger area with sound, our boxes can be used in combination with subwoofers and be put onto tripods.

Many devices have different kinds of connection facilities, such as MP3 and CD players, iPods, instruments and microphones.

Whether used at a DJ performance, during PE lessons or at restaurants our speakers fulfill all of your needs.