Compact Control Units

EUROLITE DMX LED Color Chief Controller

DMX lighting desk with innovative control concept for LED spotlights

  • Easy control of LED spotlights with up to 6 colors, light bars as well as simple lighting effects
  • For 8 devices or device groups, each with up to 4 segments
  • Each device can occupy up to 30 channels
  • Quick and easy programming
  • Eurolite KLS systems and LED spotlights already in the library
  • Additional fixtures can be configured manually
  • 8 color effects directly selectable
  • 3 additional channels available per fixture (e.g. for rotations)
  • Color wheel selection and simulation
  • 24 memory spaces for scenes and chases
  • Several chases can be run simultaneously
  • USB port for data storage of lighting programs
  • Sound control via audio signal or TAP button
  • Master dimming, fade time and run time easily adjustable
  • 3-pin XLR connector
  • Firmware update via USB
  • Desktop console
  • Control: Sound to light via Microphone; Sound to light via RCA (f) mounting version; DMX
  • Housing design: (19") 48.3 cm rack installation 3 U
Item no.: 70064575

Cameo Multi PAR Foot + - 4-Fach Fußpedal für alle CLMPAR Lichtanlagen

The CAMEO CLMPARFOOT+ universal Multi PAR 4-switch foot pedal gives you optimum control of all CAMEO LED lighting system CLMPAR functions - even without connection to a DMX controller. All the functions can be activated via four solid, non-slip foot switches. Three LEDs are integrated in the compact, solid housing of the Cameo Multi PAR 4-switch foot pedal for visual control of all the functions (mode up, mode down, blackout, sound active, program, colours, full on).

The device is connected via a ten-metre, five-pin XLR cable, supplied with the device and is compatible to the following devices: CLMPAR1, CLMPAR2, CLMPAR3 and CLMPACOB1.

  • Controls: Mode, Up, Down, Blackout, Microphone Sensitivity
  • Indicators: Program Selection, Static Colour, Sound Control
  • Connectors: 5-pole XLR male
  • Dimensions: 291 x 65 x 103 mm
  • Features: 10 m 5-pole XLR cable included

EUROLITE Fußschalter mit Stereo-Klinke

  • Useful accessory
  • Remote control for DTB-405, CLS-81, CLS-41, KRX-16
  • Length 10 meters
  • Incl. plugs
Item no.: 70064490


Controller for 4 colored LED spotlights or one KLS set with 4 segments

  • DMX controller for standard LED spotlights
  • Easy operation
  • 4 LED spotlights or 1 KLS set with 4 fixtures can be controlled
  • DMX channels for red, green, blue, amber, white, UV, strobe and master
  • 9 different modes for the DMX channel sequence selectable
  • 12 integrated preset programs and 12 user-definable programs (each with up to 12 scenes)
  • Auto mode or sound control
  • 4 color controls with 12 colors each
  • 4 brightness controls
  • Controls for overall brightness, running speed, fade and strobe speed
  • Function buttons for Blackout, TAP/Tempo, Auto, Music and Strobe
  • Compact desktop console
  • Control: Sound to light via Microphone; Sound to light via RCA (f) mounting version; DMX
  • Housing design: Desktop console
Item no.: 70064574

ADJ American DJ Elation Midicon-2

    USB Powered

    Tactile Spring Loaded Buttons

    Midi Mapper Software

    (6) General Purpose Buttons

Item no.: 1323000028

Chauvet DJ FlareCON Air 2

  • DMX Kanäle: 512
  • DMX Anschlüss: 3-pin XLR
  • Max Reichweite: Wi-Fi: 30 m, D-Fi: 180 m
  • Maximale Laufzeit: bis zu 8 Stunden
  • Ladezeit: 4 Stunden
Item no.: 03081588

Chauvet DJ Timer Fog Remote FC-T

  • Gewicht: 0,3 kg
  • Abmessungen: 120 x 66 x 41 mm
  • Zulassungen: CE
Item no.: 05080150

EUROLITE DMX AIO Recorder, Merger, Artnet Node, Signal Converter

DMX recorder for 2 universes

  • Wireless DMX recorder and Art-Net node
  • 2 DMX universes (1024 DMX channels)
  • Real-time recording and playback of light shows via DMX or WiFi
  • Records any Art-Net and DMX source
  • Built-in access point
  • Direct operation via Android and iOS apps (e. g. Aurora DMX, Photon, ArtNetDmxRemote)
  • Art-Net in/out via WiFi or LAN
  • 8 memory locations with up to 20 hours recording capacity each
  • All recordings are stored on included 16 GB SD card
  • 2 recording modes: time recording or step-by-step recording
  • 2 playback modes: solo run or loop run
  • Dimmer and speed fader
  • DMX merger (2 in > 1 out) with HTP, LTP, override and backup modes
  • DMX splitter (1 in > 2 out)
  • Configuration via control panel with LCD
  • Power supply via P-Con jack or USB port
  • Rugged black metal housing
  • Control: DMX
  • PC connect: USB
Item no.: 70064835

EUROLITE IR-Remote for LED-Devices

Addressing and programming via infrared

  • Operable up to 10 m
  • Functions: programming of RGB dimming, Master/Slave function, DMX mode, DMX addressing as well as internal programs, auto mode, strobe effect with adjustable speed
  • Control: IR remote control
Item no.: 51914130

Infinity Chimp 100.G2

  • Familiar keys, numeric keypad and 4 Encoders
  • 10 Playback faders with Go, Pause/Reverse, Flash keys on multiple pages
  • 10 Executer/Flash keys on multiple pages
  • Colour picker, Swatchbook by Lee, Rosco and Apollo Filters
Item no.: 55004

Showtec LED Operator

  • Intelligent LED DMX controller
  • Control 4 RGB fixtures up to 4 channels each
  • Free patchable RGB and dimmer channels
  • Individual RGB- and master dim control
  • 16 Scenes & 16 Chases
Item no.: 50716
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