Attention, attention, a chimp has been spotted in our shop! And thanks to him controlling complex light shows are now easy peasy.

The market for light controllers has been revolutionised by the Infinity Chimp Light Controllers. These controllers combine all of the main features of high-end controllers in one single device. Hence, one is able to create a breathtaking light show for comparably very little money.

Both the CHIMP 100 and the CHIMP 300 are available at our shop. The latter is the more powerful of the two and supports 4 universes / 2048 channels DMX for up to 300 fixtures. The CHIMP 100 on the other hand supports 2 universes / 1024 channels DMX for up to 100 fixtures. Next to its unique software, the Chimp is easy to use also comes with a familiar keyboard and screens as well as a compact size. Custom software together with a familiar keyboard and high quality screens makes this light controller unique.  

However, if one wants more flexibility in creating shows then it is advisable to consider the BANANA WING (20 added playback faders, 2 added universes, 100 additional fixtures).

Finally, one can let his/her creativity fly!