Cable Drums

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Cable Drums

Cable drums by Brennenstuhl offer you amazing quality for small prices.

Drums which are BGI 608 and IP 44 certified can be operated in the outdoors. These certifications mean that they can be used on construction sites and that the electrics are protected from water and foreign bodies. Some cable drums should, however, only be used indoors and therefore only possess an IP 20 certification. They are all easy to carry and it is possible to place them on a variety of surfaces. An overheating protection is activated when the device is overloading or overheating.

Brennenstuhl?s new professionalLINE cable drums have been given a new design. Their casing is made of a mixture of synthetic-rubber materials which makes them force resistant. You place all four sides on the ground and they are instantly ready to use.This makes them them perfect for construction sites. 

All cables have a high resistance to cuts and tears. Most of them are also acid, oil and rain resistant.