Showtec FX Ice Jet

The Showtec FX Ice Jet is a CO2 shooter which can create beautiful clouds of fast dissipating smoke which are electronically controlled from a distance.
It requires only a CO2 bottle with dip-pipe and a DMX switch or relay pack to operate.

Item no.: 61000

Showtec FX Ice Jet MKII

  • Input Voltage: 230VAC, 50Hz
  • Power consumption: 20W
  • Control: 230V on/off switch, or by DMX relay pack
  • Consumption: 0,5Kg/s CO2 (use only CO2 bottle with dip pipe)
Item no.: 61002
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Are you bored by the only too well-known fire effects? Then have a look at our CO2 effects!

Our Ice Gun turns liquid CO2 into icy looking fog. You can move around stage freely and spray the CO2 clouds directly over the head of your audience. It?s a very noticeable design element and most impressive when used during stage shows by DJs or dancers. These clouds of mist are a definite eye-catcher.

The same effect can be created by our Ice Jet. It has to stay stationary during a show and is therefore best suited to function as foreground or background decoration. Place multiple of these devices in a row to achieve the effect of a wall of fog. The Ice Jet can be controlled by a remote control in connection with DMX or a Relay Pack.