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Decorations are what make an event truly special. This is why you should not think them unimportant while being in the planning stages.  

Covers, for example, can be used to hide constructions like tripods and truss from the eyes of your visitors. White chair and table covers on the other hand give your location a beaming white background. This allows colourful accents (e.g. table decorations) to really pop.

Other eye-catchers are sun sails and aircones. While the former has an additional functional use, aircones are mainly meant to draw attention to them. Bathed in colourful light they manage to illuminate the dark of the night.

Our moltons and string curtains allow you to shield certain areas from sight or unveil your stage in a spectacular manner. This is also possible on smaller stages by using the pipe and drape system by Wentex.

Last but not least you should also decorate your fair stand. EasyCubes have been especially developed for this. They manage to present your products in a unique and impressive way. Because you are able to tailor the design of the cubes to your needs, they are easily integrated into the design-concept of your stand.