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Admiral Deco Molton Rolle 100cm x 60m schwarz mit Befestigungs Klebeband

Artikelnummer: POROADS100

Kategorie: Stagedeck Behang

344,65 €

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Deco-molton roll
Skirting your stage has never been faster and easier. With our various sizes of deco-molton rolls, you can instantly create beautiful stages. Deco-molton is available in black and white, in heights from 20cm, and increasing in width by increments of 20cm up to 100cm. Length of the roll is 60 meters and each roll is supplied with three rolls of double sided tape.

Deco-molton roll black
For most of the stages is black fabric the right choice. It prevents perspective under the stage and gives a neat finish.

Hersteller: Admiral

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