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Adam Hall Hardware 2508 - Stop Hinge medium chrome-plated

Medium stop-hinge. Stops at 95°. 1 mm Steel, chrome plated.
Fixing holes: 4.1 mm
Weight: 26 g
Item no.: ADH2508

Adam Hall Hardware 2600 - Double Hinge galvanised

Double Hinge. 1,5 mm Steel, zinc plated. Fixing holes 5,1 mm
Item no.: ADH2600

Adam Hall Hardware 34704 - Extendable Handle 2-stage length 420 - 935 mm

Extendable handle, Aluminium, flat external mount.

  • Three part: 37/28/28 cm
  • Max. loading weight: 20 kg
Item no.: ADH34704

Adam Hall Hardware 4903 - Rubber Foot 20 x 9 mm black

20 mm rubber foot black. Height: 9 mm.
Fixing hole: 3,3 mm. Weight: 2,8g
Item no.: ADH4903

Adam Hall Hardware 37042 - Swivel Castor with plastic Wheel

The plastic Version has a loading capacity of 75 kg. The ball bearing- free castor consists of impact- resistant PA (Polyamide).

This castor is mounted on a 10 mm deep, galvanized steel fitting. The overall height after mounting is thus only 41mm.

Item no.: ADH37042

Adam Hall Hardware 4009 - Cabinet Corner plastic stackable black

  • Plastic cabinet corner black - stackable
  • Fixing holes countersunk Ã? 3.5 mm
  • 10 mm internal radius 
Item no.: ADH4009

Adam Hall Hardware 27096 - Lid Stay Medium non Cranked with Hinge and Click-Stop Function

Medium lid stay in non cranked dish with click-stop-mechanism, zinc plated. Can be used with or without piano hinge.

  • Fixing holes 5.1 mm
Item no.: ADH27096

Adam Hall Hardware 34081 - Medium Spring Loaded Flip Handle

  • Medium heavy duty recessed sprung handle
  • in 9 mm deep steel dish
  • Rivet protection design
  • zinc plated
  • black PVC grip
  • Fixing holes: 5.1 mm
Item no.: ADH34081

Adam Hall Hardware 17291 SP - Butterfly Latch medium with Spring non cranked 12 mm deep padlockable

With padlocking eye.
Medium butterfly spring catch mounted in dish. Steel, zinc plated.
Dish is 12 mm deep.
Fixing Holes: 5.1 mm
Weight: 230 g
All medium and large Butterfly catches now stop at approximately > and can be fitted with a kick-out spring to automatically push them out to this point, from which they can be opened further by exerting a gentle tug.
Item no.: ADH17291SP

Adam Hall Hardware 34733 - Recessed fold-out Handle length 434 - 684 mm

Recessed extendable handle. Recessed fitting without loss of internal space. Black plastic handle folds back into zinc plated steel dish.

Item no.: ADH34733

Adam Hall Hardware 6103 - Aluminium Hybrid Lid Location for 9.5 mm Material

  • Aluminium hybrid lid location for 9.5 mm panel
  • Also available in Black
  • >||
Item no.: ADH6103

Adam Hall Hardware 87601 - Rack Door height 50 cm

  • Rack Door
  • Steel black powder coated, for closed back Racks
  • Black plastic latch
  • Cut out: 370 x 455 mm
Width: 42 cm
Hight: 50 cm
Item no.: ADH87601

Adam Hall Hardware 88001 - Tour Label plastic white self-adhesive 177x127mm

Self Adhesive Tour Label, white, laminated with protective clear foil surface. Can be easily cleaned and re-used without print fade. 177x127mm

Item no.: ADH88001

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