Accsessories for Controls (Interfaces, etc)

EUROLITE Terminator for LED Pixel Ball

Item no.: 51928762

ADJ American DJ mydmx GO

  • App zur DMX-Beleuchtungsteuerung für iPad oder Android-Tablet
  • 256 DMX-Kanäle - 512 zusätzliche Kanäle können erworben werden
  • Kompatibel mit Ableton-Live
  • DMX über WLAN und USB
Item no.: 1226100370

EUROLITE DMX AIO Recorder, Merger, Artnet Node, Signal Converter

Item no.: 70064835


  • 47 control channels
  • 3-pin XLR DMX output
  • Control in stand-alone mode and DMX programming
  • Sound-control via built-in microphone
  • Adjustable microphone sensitivity via remote control
Item no.: 70064511

Cameo DVC PRO - 1024-Kanal USB zu DMX-Interface mit WiFi-Access und Steuerungssoftware

  • 1024-Kanal USB zu DMX-Interface
  • mit WiFi-Access und Steuerungssoftware
  • Audio Analyzer und MIDI-Clock zum Synchronisieren von Lightshow und Musiktempo
  • Touchscreen-Steuerung plus

Showtec DB-1-4 - 4 Channel DMX Booster 3 & 5p XLR

  • DMX splitter for 4 outputs
  • Electrical isolation between in and output
  • DMX Indication LEDs on in-& outputs
  • 3 & 5P XLR in- & outputs
  • M10 nut at backside for truss clamp
Item no.: 50780

Showtec Booster 2/3 + 5 Pin XLR

DMX Splitter and Booster
Item no.: 50346

Showtec BreakoutBar 6

  • Dimensions: 707 x 65 x 98 mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 3,2 kg
Item no.: 50296

D6 Branch

  • Verwendung im mobilen Bereich entwickelt wurde. Man kann ihn bequem mit den fest montierten Klettverschlüssen schnell und einfach an Traversen oder Stativen montieren bzw. demontieren. Zur Festmontage liegt ein Befestigungsbügel mit dabei.
Item no.: 1321000062

ADJ American DJ MyDMX Buddy

myDMX Buddy is a scaled down, entry level version of myDMX 2.0. Out of the package, myDMX software will run in limited mode: 3D visualizer, Easy Remote, Midi features or Stand-Alone Mode (the stand-Alone/Scene button of MyDMX Buddy) and other features like 512 DMX channel control via MyDMX Buddy can be purchased as upgrades at The dongle plugs directly into a 3-pin DMX input on your lighting fixture. The dongle connects with a computer via a USB connection.

Item no.: 1310000030

Cameo SB8.3 - 8-channel DMX splitter / booster (3-pin)

The Cameo CLSB83 is the professional solution for configuring DMX networks. The splitter and booster in 19" format amplifies the DMX input signal and distributes it to 8 electrically isolated outputs. It is connected directly to the DMX controller or to DMX devices. The input and the THRU socket for looping of the signal are duplicated on the front and back of the CLSB83 and connected in parallel. Bright LEDs show the DMX and power status of the channels on the front panel, the outputs are located on the back. A switchable 120 Ohm terminating resistor on the DMX THRU output and the power switch complete the equipment; the IEC-cable is supplied. For convenient output connector access and reverse installation the rack-mount angles can be attached to the rear of the chassis.

The Cameo DMX splitter and booster is also available in 5-pin design (art. No CLSB85).

  • Type: DMX 512 protocol
  • DMX Inputs: 2 (parallel)
  • DMX Input Connectors: 3-pin XLR male
  • DMX Thru Outputs: 2 (parallel)
  • DMX Thru Output Connectors: 3-pin XLR female
  • DMX Outputs: 8 (electrically isolated)
  • DMX Output Connectors: 3-pin XLR female
  • Controls: Power On/Off, DMX Thru Terminator
  • Indicators: 8 x Power LED, 8 x Signal LED
  • Power Socket: IEC power socket
  • Power Supply: transformer
  • Operating Voltage: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
  • Power Consumption (max.): 15 W
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 483 x 44 x 160 mm
  • Accessories included in package: power cord
Item no.: ADHCLSB83

Chauvet D-Fi Hub

  • Wireless D-Fi transmitter, receiver
  • Synchronise D-Fi fixtures, receivers
  • Options: manual, automatic channel selection
  • OLED digital display
Item no.: DFIHUB

EUROLITE DMX Split 4 Splitter

  • 4-fold DMX splitter
  • DMX splitter for splitting one DMX input signal to 4 DMX outputs
  • Input and outputs galvanically isolated
  • Connections XLR 3-pin and 5-pin
Item no.: 70064810

EUROLITE Split 6X DMX Splitter

  • 6-fold DMX splitter for rack mounting
Item no.: 70064820

EUROLITE DPMX Dimmer-Modul 1216 MK1

  • Replacement module for DPMX-1216 dimmer packs
Item no.: 70064192
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