Showtec FX shot baseplate

  • Easy set-up and use
  • Suited for 40cm and 80cm shooters
  • Plug-and-play
Item no.: 60907

Showtec FX shot Cannon clamp - Certified safety cable included

  • Easy set-up and use
  • Suited for 40cm and 80cm shooters
Item no.: 60909

Showtec MultiSwitch - DMX-512 4CH. switch pack

  • DMX-512 4CH. switch pack
Item no.: 50357

Showtec RP-405 MKII Relay Pack -

The Showtec RP-405 is a switch pack with built in relays and is very suitable to switch your LED lighteffects. As common switchpacks are not suitable to switch the low power of LEDs this RP-405 is the right solution.
It brings 4 channels of each 5 Amp and each channel is patchable.
It can be controlled by DMX or by sound according to the built in patterns.
The speed of the patterns is adjustable between 20 seconds up to 2 minutes per step which makes this relay-pack very suitable for small venues which do not need an external controller.
Item no.: 50753

Showtec Single DP-1 - 1 Channel DMX Dimming/Switch Pack

  • 1 Channel DMX Dimming/Switch Pack
Item no.: 50396

Showtec MultiDim MKII

  • Music-controlled
  • Schuko Outlets
  • DMX-512 4CH. Dimmer pack 16 built-in programs.
  • Chasing speed / Stand-alone function
Item no.: 50386
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