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Who doesn?t know the dilemma: the day of the event isn?t far anymore and you have already planned the set up of your spotlights and moving heads. But then suddenly you notice that an important cable or the right barn doors are missing. What to do now?

You should have a look at our assortment of lighting accessories. Here you will find, for example, all types of cables necessary in lighting design. They enable you establish the power supply of your devices, create a DMX connection or pass on electric signals from one device to another. In order to avoid cables tangling, you should use cable drums.

And of course we didn?t forget about curtains either. With our flame resistant stage drops and moltons, produced according to the newest safety standards, the unveiling and decoration of your stage will turn it into something truly special. Because we value safety highly, don?t forget to also purchase the right fixations for these fabrics.

To ensure the safe transport of your equipment from one venue to another, we have high quality cases by the companies DAP Audio and Roadinger available. From now on you won?t have to worry about your valuable lighting equipment anymore.

Last but not least you should be aware that you can also buy smaller accessories, such as barn doors, filters, music stand lights and other disposable goods at our shop.