4-Punkt Traversen

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4-Point Trusses

A stunning and impressive stage can only be built when the basic structure has been planned and put together in a professional manner. An essential element of this is our 4-point trussing (also called F34). It is the most commonly used form of high-quality truss and offers the highest stability. You will often find it in ground supports and stage constructions.

This truss is made up of 4 main tubes and is, depending on the circumference of the braces, available in the 30th Standard and 40th Pro series.

In order to realise big stage constructions you should consider using heavy duty 4-point trussing. They usually come with an integrated ladder to enable workers to climb up even high truss towers. 

The 4-point truss with a Verto quick connect system by Prolyte also offers a good alternative to conical connectors. They make assembling and disassembling even easier and give you the advantage of not having to use any kinds of tools. This then saves you a lot of time and keeps the noise level to a minimum. 

All of our trussing systems are of course EN1090 certified.