3-Point Trusses

3-Point Trusses

Whether used in event design or for shop and fair constructions, the 3-point aluminium truss (also called F33) by Prolyte is very versatile in its use. It is made up of 3 main tubes and multiple diagonals connecting them. Depending on the circumference of these diagonals we offer truss in the 30th Standard (16 x 2mm) and 40th Pro (20 x 2mm) series.

They are suitable for constructing smaller ground supports and having lighting devices such as spotlights or moving heads fastened to them. Our trussing with a universal lighting track however offers the great possibility to quickly install this lighting technology and avoid the unnecessary tangling of cables. 

If, however, you need your truss to carry very heavy weights then have a look at our heavy duty truss. They are known for their material thickness and are available in the variations H40, S36 and S52V.

A speciality of the 3-point truss is circle trussing. They come in different radiuses and are sure to be an eye-catcher. In order to build other types of constructions we also offer different kinds of angles and corner pieces. 

All of our trussing is TÜV type tested and EN1090 certified.