2-Points Trusses

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2-Points Trusses

A very basic version of the truss available on today?s market is the 2-point aluminium truss (also called F32). It can, on one hand, be used for permanent installations (e.g. in shops) and on the other for temporary constructions (e.g. exhibition stands). These high-quality products are the perfect option for smaller builds.

The truss comes in different shapes and sizes. All the main tubes of the 30th standard and 40th pro series have a diameter of 40,3 x 3 mm whereas the diagonal braces vary in size. Quick and easy assembling is guaranteed by conical connectors. As far as tools go, you will only need a copper hammer to secure them.

The straight truss however can only be used as decoration. They are missing important certifications and are therefore not suited for professional truss constructions.

Our professional trusses are all, according to the Euronorm, EN1090 certified. When using them you should always consult the loading tables. If you are planning big projects or if there is any kind of doubt about the integrity of your construction, it might be necessary to call in a structural engineer.